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This guide covers all you need to know about obtaining a license, from legal requirements to the application process. Despite a robust transportation system, having your vehicle is crucial in Australia due to its vastness, making a license a legal necessity.

Australia values road safety, enforcing strict traffic laws with a zero-tolerance policy for offences. Although some find the driving assessment challenging, proper learning ensures success on your first try.

This guide provides an overview of the Australian Driving License, the assessment process, the demerit point system, application steps, and more. Being well-prepared for the Driving Assessment increases your chances of passing.

Standard Terms Associated With The Australian Driver’s Licence

Let us begin by learning the standard terms associated with the Australian driver’s licence and what you should know about them:

Department of Transport

Every state or territory in Australia has its own Department of Transport (often called DOT). These DOTs are in charge of granting driver’s licences to individuals who have applied for them. Any licences issued by the Department of Transport are valid throughout all Australian states.

Demerit Points

A driver’s license (DL) is issued with 11 to 13 demerit points valid for three years. Different DOTs have different demerit points.

For each traffic rule violation, a specific number of demerit points will be deducted. 

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The number of demerit points removed varies, depending on the severity of the offence. If you are on an extended vacation, the number of demerit points assigned to each sort of offence will get doubled.

Furthermore, your driving licence will get cancelled if you’re left with zero demerit points, and you will be ineligible to apply for a new license for the following three months. As a result, when driving in Australia, extreme caution is required.

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How to Prepare For Your Driver’s Licence Application

Here is everything you need to know about preparing for your driving licence application in Australia:

If You Have An Overseas Driving Licence

Visitors on a temporary visa (not a permanent visa) from other countries are conditionally authorised to drive with their existing overseas driver’s licence for their stay, except for Victoria and Northern Territory. Regarding Australian driver’s licenses for foreigners, every Australian state and territory has its conditions.

Generally, drivers must bring their foreign driver’s licence and submit a copy with other needed documents for a 100-point check when applying for a learner’s permit.

An International Driving Permit or a certified translation is only necessary if the licence is not in English. However, you must anyway carry your original licence with you. As per Australian driver’s license NSW (New South Wales) conditions, if a driver becomes a permanent resident of NSW, they must obtain a local licence within three months.

A resident of Victoria who intends to stay for more than six months is not authorised to drive with an international licence for more than six months (calculated using the Australia entry date or the visa grant, whichever is later).

If You Do Not Have an Overseas Driving Licence
If you do not possess an overseas driving licence, you must submit all the documents necessary for a 100-point check when applying for a learner’s licence. Here’s everything you need to know about a 100-point check: The 100-point check is used in Australia to verify and establish someone’s identification. The Australian government uses this personal identification system to prevent financial transaction fraud perpetrated by businesses and individuals. The Australian government maintains a standard list of documents that an individual needs to present for a 100-point check. These documents are divided into sections, with specific points for each section. If you are required to meet a 100-point check in any situation, you must be able to submit documents totalling up to 100 points. The documents are divided into two categories: primary and secondary. Any primary document has a point value of 70. You must submit at least one secondary document with your picture if you cannot present your primary documents. The secondary documents on the list are worth 40 / 25 points. The tables below contain specific information about the documents as well as the points they include:


  • 70


  • 0 or 1 document

Types of Documents
  • Birth Card

  • Birth Certificate

  • Expired passport

  • (not cancelled and expired in previous two years)

  • Current Passport

  • Citizenship Certificate

  • Documents with same characteristics to a passport

  • (documents granted to refugees for identification purposes and diplomatic documents)




40 Point Documents

35 Point Documents

25 Point Documents


Submission: 0 or 1 document

Types of Documents:


  • A Boat Licence

  • Australian Driving Licence

  • Student Identity Card

  • Public Employee Identification Card


Submission: 0 or 1 document

Types of Documents:


  • Document from your employer within the last two years

  • Land Titles Office record


Submission: 0 or 1 document of each category

Category 1

  • Foreign Driving Licence

  • Medicare Card

Category 2

  • Utility bill

Category 3

  • Rent agreement

Category 4

  • Educational Records


A driver license is required in Australia before a person is permitted to drive a motor vehicle of any description on a road in Australia. The rules for the obtaining of licenses vary between states and territories, but a driver license issued in one Australian state or territory is generally recognized and valid in the other states and territories. The minimum driving age for drivers varies between states and territories. The minimum unsupervised driving age is 18 years in Victoria and 17 years in all other states (New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia).

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